.:A Short Post:.

So, I was recently googling some kitchen solutions for short people. That sounds kind of sad does it not? I like to think that I'm 5'1", I'm really just a bit shy of that. I came across a couple of interesting ideas;

So, whilst it's true that I'd be able to actually reach everything on the shelves it doesn't offer much by way of storage.

This next option seemed a bit smarter, and little less mean.

This would keep me from having to stand on my counter-tops multiple times everyday.

And, that was pretty much it. Not a whole lot of options out there for short people. Guess I'll just have to invent some.

Behold, I am coming quickly! Blessed is he who keeps the words of the prophecy of this book.
.Revelation 22:7.


Amy Stroup said...

reI love that! ha...When Kathy was cleaning up the kitchen I saw her just throw a basket on the top shelf- it fell down so she had to throw it up again...you have to climb up there multiple times a day?!

.mk. said...

Yeah, I sort of hop from the window ledge to the counter. I have elaborate plans for a very custom kitchen if we're ever able to build a house.

Brianna said...

lol love it Katie! :-)
How ya doing?