Things from my kidhood:


This is one amazing game. My cousins and I still play this at Christmas time.


"But the very best thing of all, there's a counter on this ball..." I loved me some skip-it.

.:Hungry Hungry Hippos:.

A classic.

.:My Buddy/Kid Sister:.

Who needs real friends when you've got your My Buddy or Kid Sister.

.:Glow Worm:.

I had a glow worm attached to my bed post as a kid. Still do actually, just kidding. But seriously, who came up with this idea? A glowing worm? And how did it become so successful?


Five miniature baby dolls. I had the dollhouse and everything! Couldn't find a video for this one.

Have a good night ya'll. Cheers!

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.Jude 1:1-2.


DJ Price said...

Thanks for your input, I think I am ultimately going to go with Vista Print. Btw, my cousins and I still play Crossfire at xmas too! And Hungry hungry hippos takes me back...

.moose. said...

"Btw, my cousins and I still play Crossfire as xmas too!" --haha, I know, because I am one of them.