.:Why I love flickr:.

In light of everything that happened last month I decided to take a break from flickr (and facebook). I took the month of April off. To say that I am a serious flickr addict would be putting it mildy. I can wander around flickr for hours at a time. I didn't want my addiction to distract me from grieving. I was afraid that flickr would turn into a form of escapism and that I wouldn't deal with what I was feeling. Now that May has arrived I am uploading again but I am really glad that I took time off. It allowed me to focus on what was happening and it gave me time to process things.

While I was poking around the flickr blog this morning I saw that flickr had bought donuts for all of the members of the We Demand Donuts flickr group. For seemingly no reason at all some guy on flickr just started demanding donuts. His endeavor to get donuts found a following and a group was born. Flickr heard their cries and responded. This is one of the many reason's that I love flickr. They listen to their users and are constantly working to make flickr better. This normally comes in the form of a new feature on the site, not donuts. If you haven't joined the flickr bandwagon you should go and check it out.

Be joyful in hope, patient in affliction, faithful in prayer. .Romans 12:12.

photo by pochacco20


Pete Wilson said...

I'm a flickr fan as well. Really haven't explored all that it can do but have atleast updated some pictures.

Just found your blog and love it.

.moose. said...

Thanks Pete.