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My gram died a week ago today. Three weeks ago we thought she had pneumonia. Two weeks ago we found out she had lung cancer. Everything happened so quickly. I think I am still in shock a little bit. Up until this year she was in perfect health. Growing up it seemed to me that my Gram never aged. She never complained of the ailments so common to people as they get older. She was very active in the community. Just three weeks before her death she was still volunteering at her local library. I honestly expected Gram to live forever. Losing her has been very painful. I don't know how I wold have gotten through it without my family and friends. I was able to spend almost an entire week with my parents and sister. Though it was a time of very very deep sorrow there was a lot of joy there as well. As we looked over the albums and the pictures we were able to share a lot of memories that we had of Gram and one another. In a previous post I said that no matter what happened I would be okay. I miss her terribly but I am okay. Knowing that she is now with the Lord is a great comfort. Knowing that she lived such an excellent life is a great comfort. At her funeral the preacher said, "She wrote her own epitaph, and she wrote it well. She wrote it with her life."

Blessed are those who mourn, For they shall be comforted. .Matthew 5:4.


perilloparodies said...

thank you for sharing your cool word. i love stuff like that, too. well, just wanted to mention... so sorry for your loss, and... Hang in there. i remember feeling that way when my grandmother died two months before my first son was to be born. (2000) i was crushed, but i also knew that she was okay, safe in the arms of Jesus praising Him every day, and no longer suffering and in pain. i still miss her every day, and, yes, i still cry over it, but i know that one day i will see her again. it comforts me that she is there praising Jesus alongside one of my kids whom i miscarried. God knows what He is doing... even in this we must trust Him. May His name be glorified, and may the legacy your gram left continue to draw people to Christ. Praying for healing and encouragement for you and your family. blessings.

Joanne said...


Your grandmother seemed to be such a wonderful lady. I wish I had known her. Maybe you could introduce us one day in Heaven???

**I came over from the Bearing Burdens blog...I am praying for you and your family.**

In His love, Joanne