.: Winston's House :.

In Jamaica, there is a man named Winston. Up until 2004 Winston lived in the house pictured to the left. It is made of corrugated metal scraps, a lot of cardboard to soften the floor where he slept and some bits of lumber. Winston had a beautiful view of the Jamaican jungle from his house. In 2004 a group of about 7 men and 2 teenage boys made Winston a new house. His new house was probably about 200 sq. feet. It had two small rooms: a living area and a bedroom. Winston could not have been prouder of his new home. Six months after Winston got his new home I got married and moved into a "small" efficiency. I have small in quotes because according to American standards my apartment, clocking in at about 330 sq. feet, it was very small. In comparison to Winston's home though, my apartment could be seen as very spacious and roomy. My husband and I lived in our small efficiency for 2 and 1/3 years. I loved living there. We had all the space that we needed, the location was convenient to both of our jobs and school, and we had lots of friends living 30 seconds from our door. During the time that I lived there I often heard people comment, "It's nice but it's just too small", "I couldn't live there for more than a year" and so on. When I heard this, I would almost always think of Winston and how thankful he was to get his new home. It is important to keep a proper perspective about what really matters in life. Contrary to what our culture teaches, it is not the size of our homes. Jack Wyrtzen, founder of Word of Life Ministries, often said, "There are two things that are eternal, the Word of God and the souls of men." That is what our focus should be on.

Give thanks to the LORD, for he is good; his love endures forever. .1 Chronicles 15:34.

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